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Xavax LV Halogen Reflector Bulb, 50W, GU5.3, MR16, warm white



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Číslo produktu: 99112437
EAN kod: 4047443289094
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- Gives off brilliant accent light- Cold light reflector reduces heat load in the light beam by up to 66 %- Burner with low pressure technnology allows use in open fixtures according to IEC 60432-3- UV filter- No mercuryTechnical Details:- Can be Dimmed: Yes- Colour Temperature: 3000 K- Design: MR 16- Nominal Service Life: 2000 h- Number of Switching Cycles until Premature Failure (min.): 50000- Operating Position: 360 °- Optimal Ambient Temperature: 25 °C- Power Consumption of an Equivalent Incandescent Lamp: 59 W- Socket: G 5.3- Starting Time (max.): 0.2 s- Diameter: 51 mm- Dimensions Differ From Those of a Standardized Bulb: No- Height: 46 mm- Energy Efficiency Class: B (Scale from A++ to E, Optimum Value: A++)- Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor at 75% of the Rated Service Life (min.): 80 %- Rated Power Consumption: 50 W- Electrical Efficiency Factor of the Bulb (min.): 0,95- Mains Frequency: AC Voltage- Nominal Beam Angle: 24 °- Nominal Light Output: 680 lm- Nominal Power Consumption: 50 W- Operating Voltage: 12 V- Rated Beam Angle: 24 °- Rated Light Output: 680 lm- Rated Peak Luminous Intensity: 1450 cd- Start-Up Time Until 60% of Full Light Output Has Been Reached (max.): 1 s- Weighted Energy Consumption: 53 kWh/1000h- Colour Reproduction Index RA (min.): 100- Light Colour: Warm White- Bulb Serves as Replacement for Standard Bulbs of This Size: MR16- Suitable for Accent Lighting: Yes - Beam Angle </90° (?90°)Scope Of Delivery:- 1 LV halogen reflector bulb
Výška: 46 mm

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